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UPDATE: Legs strobe mounts available, other strobe mounts are out, also redesigned the original mount in this video so see next video for redesigned mount.

This week I’m bringing you 3D printed accessories for the DJI Mavic Mini that will enhance your experience flying this drone. In my last video we brought you a couple accessories for the Fly More Combo kit, and afterwards I discovered that the controller Joysticks will hit the top of the fly more combo case whether you have a box inside or not, that’s why we remixed this joystick guard to fit inside the case and protect your controller from damage. We went through a bunch of different variations until we settled on this version.

Buy Joystick guards at:
Find the original STL on thingiverse at:

UPDATE: We have revised the mounting point for the strobe mounts
This uses the FLYTRON STROBON CREE, which I got from READY MADE RC, but is also available on Amazon, links are in the description. The whole thing weighs in at 5.9 grams, The mount snaps securely into the bottom of the mini and then you can turn it on before launching. I recommend launching with either a set of legs or hand launching and catching is my preferred method, it can still be launched from the ground but I do not recommend it as it can damage the props or the LED on the strobe. Per yall’s request, I am also developing leg mounts for the FLYTRON StROBON so you can attach strobes to each leg making orientation easier to determine, which meets the Academy of Model Aeronautics, AMA, requirements for night flying, if you are a hobbyist flying under the AMA rules. The STROBON does meet the requirements for Part 107 dusk and dawn flying, which is 3 statute mile visibility when flying in the 30 minutes window before sunrise or after sunset. The mounts printing is a little rough, so it favors function over form, so if you do decide to order from our partners at Miss Chrisy Co, understand that this mount will contains some visual imperfections, but be perfectly functional.

Buy the 3D printed mount at:
Buy the STL at:
Or on Amazon at:

Last one we have is the Lens hood we have been working on. Coming in at almost 3 grams this thing looks like it is an extension of the mini, we matched the color as best we could to give it an OEM look. We made our best effort to make it lightweight and strong, but again, you should understand that 3D printing is not the same as most consumer products, it will contain slight imperfections but will retain functionality. It is designed to prevent lens flares and glares at certain angles by acting as a visor to your lens, kinda like how a hat works. The lens hood will not help when the sun is actually in your shot, but it can help reduce extra light from reflections, but the effect is minimal. It will also certainly provide with some protection in the event of a crash, but it is not guaranteed to help or stop any damage. It also will not show up in any shots unless you are in sport mode and rapidly turning. We are only printing these in grey, if you want other colors let us know in the comments.

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Find a similar free STL at:

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