Best American Made Drones that Can Match DJI’s Price and Functionality

Our caller for today, Gordon is looking for some feasible alternatives to DJI. The US-China trade war and data security concerns have given a fillip to American drone manufacturers, who have, till now been unable to compete with the Chinese behemoth, DJI.

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01:56 – This show is brought to you by our in-person trainings
02:53 – Today’s question is about American drone manufacturers and the industry as a whole
04:25 – Have American drone manufacturers priced themselves out of the drone market?
05:18 – Do drone pilots really have any alternative to DJI?
06:50 – Is the power-packed Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Advanced the best drone you can buy for the money?
07:15 – Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Advanced vs. Autel Evo 2 – how do they compare?
08:51 – Are there any American drone manufacturers who can match up to DJI in terms of capabilities and specs?
09:30 – Prominent American drone manufacturers who are making a dent in the market
10:00 – How has the ongoing chip shortage affected supply?
11:38 – Have American drone manufacturers failed to come up with the right products for the mass market?
12:45 – The Auterion system that powers most of the American drones 15:13 – Are there any reliable NDAA approved aircraft that can be used commercially
16:00 – A valuable Mini 2 hack to help you out
22:13 – Is the Freefly Astro a feasible option right now?
23:50 – The Quantum Systems Vector Scorpion – is this the right drone for mapping?
27:00 – The TEAL Golden Eagle – another drone manufacturer vying for a slice of the market
29:50 – Parrot Anafi – a drone that doesn’t quite live up to its potential
31:52 – What are some of the biggest issues with the Skydio?
35:09 – Why the Freefly Astro is miles ahead of the competition
37:10 – Is the hefty price tag on the Autel Evo 2 Dual justified?

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