Best Drones for Law Enforcement – Tips for Building a Successful Drone Program

Our caller for today, Officer Abrennaman is calling from Montgomery County, Ohio. His police department has recently kickstarted a drone program, and Alex is wondering if they have purchased the right drones for their program and if they are moving in the right direction.

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01:22 – Today’s question is about the different ways in which law enforcement officials can use drones
03:50 – How the Chula Vista police department is using drones in creative ways
04:38 – Is there any downside to using drones as first responders?
05:46 – Need help with building an enterprise drone program? Learn about our new program, PROPS
07:30 – What are the three most popular enterprise drone uses?
08:08 – What are orthomosaics? What are the different ways in which law enforcement officials can use orthomosaics?
09:27 – Using drones for event management
10:30 – Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual vs Autel Evo 2 Dual vs Skydio 2 – Which is the best police drone out there?
11:38 – Which is the best drone for creating orthomosaics?
11:58 – Can you map an area with a drone equipped with a mechanical shutter?
13:00 – Are privacy concerns pertaining to drone usage really justified? 14:10 – Are you a public safety agency using drones for search and rescue? Get in touch with us to get FREE access to our search and rescue class 15:10 – Which is the best software for search and rescue operations?
16:30 – Can the police relay live feed from drones to their devices?
18:00 – Some great tips for setting up a livestream
24:38 – Which is the best drone for flying in confined spaces?
25:55 – 3 things to consider when buying a new police drone
27:13 – With the regulations in a state of flux, should public safety agencies wait to buy new drones?
28:10 – Which is the best police drone for mapping?

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