Can You Get Into Trouble for Not Retrieving Your Drone After a Crash?

Today’s show is about a drone crash. Can you get into trouble for NOT retrieving your drone after a crash? Our caller for today, Gavin recently crashed his DJI Mavic Air 2 in a canyon. Notwithstanding his lost investment and footage, should Gavin retrieve his lost drone?

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02:18 – Our sponsor for today is Logic Labs
02:52 – Today’s question is about crashing your drone and retrieving it
04:50 – How can you pinpoint the location of your drone once you crash it? 06:02 – What if your drone has crashed in a hard-to-reach, unreachable location?
07:25 – What are the risks if you don’t retrieve your drone?
09:25 – Can your drone battery cause a forest fire?
12:05 – Don’t let your recent drone crash dent your confidence

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