DJI Mavic Air 2 Active Track 3.0 First look leaked footage

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Today we saw a new video surface online that allegedly appears to show off the new DJI Mavic Air 2’s Active Track 3.0 capability.

Now this video like most of the leaked information is unconfirmed and leaves us wanting more. The Active track looks pretty awesome as the video takes it through the ringer on a heavily forested bike trail. Now there is some information we can glean from this video, you can see the app looks like the DJI Fly app vs the DJI Go 4 app.

We can also see faintly in the top right corner what appears to be the obstacle avoidance going off as well across the top you can see some indication of avoidance as well. I also looks like the controller was stationary during this flight, with the distance going up to 200 meters showing a decent horizontal range through the thick wooded area. One thing I hope comes with the MA2 out of the box is the newly released manual mode for video, we can see that this video was shot on auto mode, considering Mini owners just got manual mode yesterday, lets hope the MA2 comes with it out of the box. Active Track 3.0 also appears to have 2 modes, a follow mode and a circle mode. Based on the indicated battery life we can assume the leaked information of 34 minute max flight times are indeed correct. That’s about all the information I can get from the video, let me know in the comments if I missed something. I also cannot wait to pit this against my Skydio 2, seeing as the Skydio can perform at this level, or even better, the MA2 will give it a run for it’s money, especially having similar price points, and the Skydio 2 having a nearly year long waiting list at this point for new orders. Expect the official announcement for the MA2 on April 27th with the release to follow within weeks or even days after.

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