DJI Mavic Air 2 Release Date Confirmed

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So we just saw the official launch of the DJI Mavic Air 2, the little brother to this guy and the new big brother to this guy. So I know you’re wondering, because I couldn’t find it initially, when is this going to be available? Well due to the current coronavirus issues, it doesn’t look like we will be seeing this drone for another 2 weeks, just as I predicted in my previous video. I don’t get free drones from anyone so all of my reviews are unbiased and based on my experience. Don’t forget to like and subscribe as I will be doing comparisons between all the DJI drones and the Skydio 2.

With all the leaked information confirmed now by the official launch, it looks like the information was pretty much spot on. With the new Mavic Air 2 having an ½ inch sensor, capable of taking 48MP stills and 4k 60 fps video, with 1080p 240 fps capable of 8 times slowmo as well as 8K hyperlapse, 4K HDR video, a 10KM 1080p transmission range via an improved Ocusync 2.0 and a new record for mavic with a 34 minute max flight time. There’s also a ton of automation, including Active Track 3.0, Point of Interest 3.0, APAS 3.0, Quick shots and automatic obstacle avoidance.

There will also be HEVC H.265 high efficiency video recording, and also a D-Cinelike flat color profile like the M2 has. There’s also the new Smart Photo feature, which integrates HDR, Hyperlight and scene recognition to give an optimized shot.

8K hyper lapse is available in Free and Waypoint Hyper lapse modes. There’s also the new Focus Track mode, which contains the 3 intelligent tracking modes, Active Track 3.0o, Point of interest 3.0 and Spotlight 2.0. Active track is DJI’s best tracking technology to date, using both object recognition and obstacle avoidance. POI 3.0 allows tracking objects like cars, boats and other moving objects. Spotlight 2.0 keeps your subject locked into the center of the frame.

It also appears there are some limitations with Advanced Piloting Assistance systems, APAS 3.0 and Focus track, with them not being available in certain modes, like 4k 60, 50, 48p and 1080p at 120 and 240 fps.

The mavic air 2 will feature an LED light for improved vision during landing and take off in low light.

Confirmed the antenna are infact in the smartphone clamp, and you must ensure they stay pointed towards the aircraft.

After seeing the release information on DJIs website, I went over to Best Buys website and kept refreshing until the Mavic Air 2 was available for order, and low and behold the arrival date shows May 11, so that looks like our official release date in the US for retailers. If you purchase direct from DJI I expect there will be those who get it before then and those that will get it after, if you wanna pre-order there is a link below in the description that helps support my channel.

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