Drone News – Win Your Mavic Mini 2, Lay Offs at Amazon Prime Air, Arizona Drone Pilot Questioned

Win a DJI Mavic Mini 2 By Enrolling in Our Thanksgiving Giveaway, Lay Offs at Amazon Prime Air, Arizona Drone Pilot Questioned for Filming the BLM Movement, Latest Updates on the Drone Delivery Industry

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01:02 – Amazon Prime Air lays off dozens of employees after drone delivery simply fails to take off
04:20 – Police drone flyaway in Texas
07:33 – Should FAA consider the amalgamation of Part 135 and Part 107? 08:20 – Singapore-based F-drones makes the first every night drone delivery 09:45 – Learn about the autonomous drones that are in the works at F-drones
10:55 – New survey by FAA survey attempts to gauge the impact of long flying hours on drone pilot
13:07 – Arizona drone pilot questioned by police for filming the Black Lives moment
17:58 – Own your pocket production house with the DJI Mavic Mini 2 and Osmo Pocket 2
20:10 – Drone U and Drone XL team up to offer a $14,000 giveaway!

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