FAA Remote ID Final Ruling – Is it Truly Final?

The FAA published the final ruling on Unmanned Aircraft Systems Remote ID on 12/28/2020. This video breaks down the 470 pages into 20 minutes of highs and lows and discusses the very worst thing about it. Also, there is one thing that makes me wonder if it really is final.

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0:00 Introduction
1:23 What is Remote ID?
1:35 The Good News
3:38 When Does This Start?
4:40 3 Options for Compliance
8:48 The Bad News
9:54 The WORST Part of Remote ID
11:22 Is Remote ID Safe for Pilots?
13:20 One Loophole for Pilot Location
14:09 What About Toy Drones?
14:58 Flying Over People and at Night
17:12 What’s the takeaway?

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Correction #1: After further review, it is unclear if the control station location is tracked in real-time for both the Standard Remote ID Broadcast AND the Broadcast Module scenario’s. It seems that the Standard Broadcast would actually track the control station in real time. More to come on this.

Correction #2: The Broadcast Module WILL NOT prevent you from launching, but it is the responsibility of the pilot to ensure that it is functional before launch.

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