How Will the New Executive Order Issued by President Trump Impact the Drone Industry?

Just before President Trump ended his term, he signed a bunch of executive orders – one of them being Executive Order 13981 on January 18, 2021. Titled “Protecting United States from Certain Unmanned Aircraft Systems“, this order places restrictions on the use of drones and drone spare parts manufactured in certain countries. And this order also enforces additional flight restrictions.

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02:30 – Our first sponsor for today is Drone U’s university-style 8-week mapping class
03:41 – This show is also sponsored by our Props Flight School
06:35 – Today’s question is about the new executive order issued by President Trump
08:10 – How does this new executive order impact Part 107 pilots?
09:55 – Apart from China, which other countries shall be impacted by this executive order?
11:22 – With the blue administration taking charge, is this new executive order still valid?
12:53 – Is it really difficult to enforce this new order?
16:15 – Is the new Biden administration likely to be more pro-China compared to the Trump administration?
18:00 – Does this new order apply to Chinese-manufactured spare parts as well?
19:07 – Are there any non-Chinese manufacturer’s who can fill DJI’s shoes? 25:02 – Considering the massive budget shortfall, is it advisable to replace Chinese drones?

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