Mapping Software’s and Acquisition Strategies for Creating Beautiful, Likelike Drone Models

Our caller for today, Bob has come up with a great follow-up question today. Bob listened to our previous show, “Which Pix4D Version Should I Use for Mapping a Roof?” And he has some in-depth questions about mapping software and acquisition strategies.

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02:02 – Today’s show is brought to you by PROPS and our Mapping Bootcamp
04:26 – Today’s question is about creating lifelike and beautiful drone models
07:11 – Is your acquisition method program-dependent?
07:47 – What is the recommended acquisition strategy for Pix4D React? 09:42 – Choosing the right processing template and how it impacts your map quality
12:10 – Using MTP’s for combining data sets of two separate projects
14:20 – Why aligning rather than merging datasets is preferable
15:15 – Why consistent white balance is important for creating MTP’s
16:40 – Are there any processing engines that do not require MTP’s?
18:40 – Can you create an accurate 3D model using cloud-based software like DroneDeploy?

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