Marketing Drone Services to The Oil and Gas Industry

Our caller for today, Jason from Texas wishes to leverage his experience in the oil and gas industry. He is wondering about the best way to market his drone services to industry stakeholders. In today’s show, we discuss regulations, safety concerns, and marketing tactics.

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01:08 – Learn the skills required to build a profitable drone business – Sign up for a Drone U Membership today!
02:02 – Today’s question is about using drones in the oil and gas industry 04:13 – What are the inspection guidelines for using drones in the oil and gas industry?
05:28 – Which is the best sales tactic for Jason?
07:27 – Talking safety – why oil and gas inspections can be a tricky proposition
07:43 – Highlighting cost savings to market your drone services
10:30 – What you need to know before conducting electrical inspections with drones

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