Marketing Tips for Beating the Competition and Standing Out in a Crowded Space

Our caller for today, Ian is all of 16, and he just got his Part 107 license. Like most drone pilots, Ian wishes to start off with real estate before moving on to more complicated (and lucrative) jobs. But, he is finding himself discouraged by the intense competition. How can Ian make a dent in a marketplace dotted with older, far more experienced pilots? And how can he come up with a great and irresistible offer?

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02:04 – Our sponsor for today is our new sales class
05:37 – Today’s question is about starting young and marketing a new drone business
07:02 – How can you get people to trust you when you are young?
08:20 – Coming up with your own unique mechanism to stand out in a crowded market space
11:03 – How have some drone pilots drastically scaled up their business in the wake of covid?
12:05 – How can you provide more value and greater convenience to your customers?
13:26 – Two growth areas that you should be exploring right now
14:40 – Marketing yourself the right way
16:40 – Can you get more drone jobs if you fly FPV?
17:35 – With the massive stimulus, is the construction industry set for a boom?
17:47 – Creating autonomous systems for attaining massive scale
19:27 – Check out our comprehensive Business Class for some detailed insights
21:08 – Do you have a good website that showcases your skills?

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