The BEST camera mount for the Mavic Mini

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I’m showing you a 3D printed mount I made that fits the standard go pro camera mount. Now why did I do it? Well I wanted to see if I could make the mount secure enough to hold the 3 different cameras. An Osmo Pocket, a Go Pro Hero 7 Black and an Insta360 one X. So I made the mount and it is strong enough to hold pretty much anything I could attach to it. Each camera had a different weight setup, the Go pro was the heaviest and the Insta360 is the lightest setup. The nice thing about this underslung setup is you can launch and retrieve by grabbing the cameras and also you stay clear of the props so you don’t have to worry about them touching the camera. I don’t recommend anyone try this and I don’t plan on making the STL available or selling it as there’s not a decent application that won’t cause long term damage to the mini.

You really should avoid putting anything on the mini that weighs more than the prop guards, about 50 grams. I tested each camera with a freshly charged battery so I wouldn’t be worried about battery levels or temperature. One thing I noticed is that the batteries would heat up very quickly, and even after I removed the load would continue to get hot, so swapping them out was the best way to deal with that. The least successful tests were the GoPro Hero 7 black, weighing in at 158 grams in this setup and the Osmo Pocket weighing in at 163 grams. There is a way to configure it lighter but in order for it to work it must be mounted from the bottom so the Mini’s rear downward vision sensor doesn’t detect it and cause an uncontrollable ascent into the air.

Both the GoPro and the Osmo Pocket were throwing a max power load warning and quickly increasing the battery temperature and I’m sure not going easy on the motors. I had tried the Osmo Pocket and the Go Pro before and they threw these same warnings with the Osmo actually causing the mini to nearly crash from not having enough juice as the battery drained. The most successful test was of the insta 360 one x, it weighs the least at 141 grams so the Mini wasn’t throwing a max load warning unless a gust of wind hit. I had gusts at ground level at pretty high speeds which is why I didn’t go very high with the drone, I really don’t want to lose my drone and cameras. The mount also suffers from vibrations, since there is no shock mounting to the drone or the camera to absorb it. The Insta360 handled it the best with it’s flowstate stabilization, with the Gopro coming in second with it’s digital stabilization and the Osmo Pocket showing the most vibrations due to it relying on gimbal stabilization and no vibration mounting.

So overall what’s the verdict? Well, the verdict is you shouldn’t put anything on the mini that is heavier than the prop covers. You can do it, and you might get away with it for a while but over time you’re looking at wear and tear on the Mini that you might not be able to see until it’s too late.

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