Which are Some of the Best Drones for Agriculture and Construction?

Our caller for today, Peter, all the way from Hungary has an excellent question about using drones for agriculture and construction. Peter recently went through our Comprehensive Mapping course and is now keen to start a drone mapping business, and he is on a tight budget of $9,000. Specifically, he is planning on providing his drone services to the agricultural and construction sectors.

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02:48 – Today’s question is about drones for agriculture and construction 04:50 – Are drone laws in Europe far more progressive compared to the US? 06:00 – 2D mapping and 3D modeling applications in construction
07:27 – What is the commercial viability of drone models created without GCP’s?
08:11 – The absurdity of drone laws in California
11:10 – Best drones for agriculture – Why Phantom 4 RTK is not the right choice for agriculture and construction
13:06 – DJI Agras vs. Yamaha RMAX helicopter – which is the best option for agriculture drone spraying?
14:50 – Is Phantom 4 Pro V2 a good option for Peter?
16:00 – Drone U member maps an Amazon distribution center
18:30 – Is Aeropoints a good solution for Peter?
20:40 – Which is the best drone for mapping large tracts of land?
20:53 – What about the P4 Multispectral drone? Should you use it for agricultural drone mapping?
23:55 – Should you use checkpoints for RTK drones?
24:41 – Can you pair the Leica receiver with your RTK drone?
28:00 – Why the surveying industry is ripe for disruption
31:43 – Can you build a scalable drone business with the DJI Agras?

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