Which is the Best Software for Generating Accurate Drone Maps and Avoiding Legal Liabilities?

Our caller for Trav is from Australia and has a question about drone mapping. And specifically, drone mapping software. Trav wants to know which processing software can produce the most accurate drone maps so that he avoid any legal liabilities.

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01:28 – How will DJI’s new FPV drone impact the drone industry as a whole? 04:39 – Following the right systems and workflows for avoiding legal liabilities
07:33 – Today’s question is about drone mapping accuracy
10:47 – Accurate drone maps are a function of mapping engines and human skills
12:25 – The correct way to mark a GCP
15:00 – Understanding GSD
17:36 – As per statistical research, which is the most accurate processing engine
20:09 – Why it is imperative to zoom in when marking GCP’s
21:06 – Understanding ellipsoid error and how to minimize it
23:10 – Which is the most popular point cloud constructor?
23:10 – Is Drone Deploy more accurate than Pix4D when it comes to building orthomosaics?
23:54 – Pix4D Desktop vs. Pix4D Cloud – which is the best option for generating accurate drone maps?
24:39 – Why are so many drone pilots getting into trouble with the Board of Surveyors?
31:55 – Some more tips for generating accurate drone maps

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