Why NOW is the Best Time to Get Your Part 107 Certificate

Our caller for today, Bob has come up with a particularly relevant question today. The Part 107 test is all set for a revamp in March. And rather than being one of the first people to attempt the new and updated test, you are certainly better off giving the test right now. You will learn about some of the most important changes to the Part 107 test.

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01:00 – Today’s show is brought to you our new flight school, PROPS
04:02 – Topic for today’s show is your Part 107 certificate and night time operations
05:00 – How the Part 107 test is changing in March [05:58]Why NOW is the time to take your Part 107 test
06:50 – How to fly at night without a waiver
11:03 – Part 107 tips to help you out
11:55 – Paying too much for your drone education?
13:42 – Which state has the largest no-fly zone in the United States?

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